Picnic: Girls Night Out

Whilst several in the local press have spoken about ‘Girl’s night’ being a change in Picnic’s musical direction only half a glance at their back catalogue, or one appearance at a live show, would underline Picnic’s blatant love of pop.  But that’s the clever-infused-jazz kind of pop, not the simplistic-bubblegum type.   Loosely reminiscent of the early 90’s Acid Jazz sound, ‘Girls night’ focuses it’s structure on a loose groove heavy bass, John Densmore style drumming, and supporting light horn moments; all combining to provide a strong, free-form, structure for the lovely, scat-sounding, vocal from powerhouse Robyn Walker.  Whilst the lyrics aren’t necessarily anything overly clever, aside from a humorous pop at a certain type of partier, the melodies and musical structure of the song are; offering an interesting structure which taps loudly enough on the door of pop without loosing it’s jazz coolness or willingness to experiment.  Full of risks and twists, this is an interesting, if not radically changed, pop single.