Lifetime Skiver. ‘The great electric skiver show’.


If the Smiths are still regarded as the happiest sounding miserable band, then they might not be for much longer courtesy of Darlington based 5-piece ‘Lifetime Skiver’.

The majority of the Skiver’s second LP is as tuneful and danceable as anything currently around on the uk indie scene, all of which acts as the perfect camouflage to moments of person confession by lead singer Mike Cass.

Opener ‘I can’t stop breaking my heart’ clearly sets the bands stall out with a stomping rhythm section and brass interplay that edges towards the Northern Soul aspects of the Style Council and (early) Dexy’s Midnight Runners.  Frontman Mike Cass builds onto of the soulful musical backdrop by delivering insightful and honest lyrics (‘Why did I lock you out?’) in a soulful, whispering, style akin to Tim Booth.

Stand out tracks ‘Be careful what you wish for’ and ‘People ain’t real’ keep the indie/soul style in focus whilst leaning towards ‘Second coming’ era Stone Roses courtesy of some excellent lead guitar work and, again, lyrics worth paying attention to.

22 years and 2 albums into their career, let’s hope that ‘The Late great electric skiver show’ kick starts the Lifetime Skiver into action.  On the strength of this LP, it’s well worth hearing more from them.

The Late Great Electric Skiver Show is available from Sound it Out Records in Stockton, or directly from