Carl Stacey. 11.5.20

Lock down seems to be bringing out some of the ambitions we usually find an excuse to avoid.  For most of us who love music that possibly involves an ambition to learn, or to improve, our ability to create music.  If you’re interested in learning how to play the guitar, local tutor Carl Stacey may well be a helpful hand. 

Hi Carl, many of our readers will confess to having secret ambitions of being able to play music in some form.  What’s the best way for anyone keen to learn guitar to start?

I think the best way for anyone that is keen to start to learn guitar is the good old-fashioned way, pick up a cheap guitar and teach yourself using books, youtube and whatever else is available right now. When I started I was fortunate enough that my dad played so I did a lot of self-teaching but also my dad helped me along the way, then I got proper one to one private lessons. That is something else I’d 100% recommend, you can only get so far and learn so much by yourself, with books, youtube etc, without the guidance of a real guitar tutor you will find you will only get so far. 

You offer guitar tuition – can you explain what services you provide and how they support someone to learn the instrument?

I offer private guitar lessons, one to one from my office space in Gateshead as well as people’s homes. Of course right now that is different because of the current rules of social distancing etc. Right now currently I offer Skype/ zoom lessons online and also custom video lessons. 

I support students each step of the way whatever their goal is, whether they are starting from scratch or have a bit more experience. I target the areas they need to work on or learn more about and focus on those areas to help them improve the best that they can. 

If someone is keen to start learning, but perhaps doesn’t want to buy a new instrument straight away, is there an alternative?

I don’t think there really is an alternative to buying an instrument and giving it a go. You’ll never really know if it’s for you if you don’t try, of course. So my recommendation is always to buy a cheaper guitar (can get some really good cheap ones these days) and give it ago, if it doesn’t work out, that way you’ve only spent, £50-£100. 

What’s the best way for people to get in touch with you?

The best way to get in touch with me is via my email: or :

Or my facebook page both of which I check frequently every day and rarely miss anything.