Plaza. 9.5.19

Indie rockers Plaza have been on fine form recently, including garnishing rave reviews at the recent Hit the North festival.  Damian Robinson caught up with Plaza member Will to find out more about their future plans including their appearance at Hartlepool Live.

Your recent single ‘Hold’ was excellent.  Where did the idea come from and how did you create the sound?

It’s a song we wrote a while back, we were listening to music that resonated similarly with the sound of Hold and that’s kind of what come out in our writing

We’re excited by the prospect of the new music you’ve promised for this year.  How’s that been going and are you able to tell us about your future plans?

We’ve got an EP finished and ready for release. We’re going to be dropping tracks over the coming months. So keep ya ears peeled like satsumas. 

Is ‘Hold’ a good indication of the sound from your new material?

Not at all! The newer stuff is more distanced from the sounds you hear on Hold.  This EP is a lot more fresh and it’s music that we’ve always wanted to release but never really knew how to before. It’s only up until now we’ve had the confidence to expand and experiment on our sound a little more.

You’ve been out touring considerably already this year.  How’s the health of the live Plaza?

The plaza machine is running smoothly, well oiled intact.  A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is key. Nah not really, we’re still all asthmatic and ugly but boy do we get spooky on that stage. We’re always working hard to keep our live experience as fresh as possible. Patter and tunes, that’s what it’s all about. 

You’ll be across in Hartlepool Live.  What can we expect and how much does that event mean to you?

We’re buzzing to be back home! We never get a chance to play in pools, so the rare opportunity to play for all our family and friends is one we’re looking forward too. It’s when we’re most nervous to be fair but we can’t wait all the same. A big old party in pools, what can go wrong.

How is the rest of the year looking and what can we expect?

Lots of shows and lots of songs, were even gunna write an album. 

Plaza play Hartlepool Live on June 15th.