March 2021

Prodigy – We live forever/ Their law

And just like that it’s two years since the original Firestarter, my first true idol (bar David Batty, my former Kickboxing instructor, and years before those… Shakin Stevens…) left us. The 90’s Johnny Rotten, the man with the menacing look but the warmest of personalities, the greatest frontman of my generation….and the man with the best job of all time. Maybe apart from David Batty

Propellerheads – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

I remember getting laughed at by a DJ at a Uni Christmas party when I asked for this and couldn’t manage to say the word “Propellerheads” particularly clearly.

Pet Shop Boys – One in a Million (Live)

Perfection by the Perfect Pet Pop Stars.

Kings of Leon – The Bucket

The new album from the KoL is as bland as I hoped it wouldn’t be; perhaps the most interesting thing about it being the NFT gimmick. In protest I head back to the 2nd and 3rd albums – The Bucket reminding me of rock as it’s rawest, and Charmer – my favourite KoL – being up with the greatest cocaine paranoia tracks ever committed to tape. They said on an early release that they were taking over the city as it had gotten lazy… the irony.

Wolfman – For Lovers

The 21st century’s Waterloo Sunset?

Pet Shop Boys – Left to my Own devices

When the 2nd snip from Live in Rio dropped I pre-ordered the dvd immediatly; if only to be able to flick to the moment where Rhythm of the Night drops whenever I like. Artists who remain totally committed to pushing themselves as far as they can go creativity … er… aside from releasing a dvd from 25 years ago…

Pet Shop Boys – End of the World

The PSB’s love-in is getting fully out of hand this month…. Live albums blur into Greatest Hits which then blur into a number of roads – all of which, as always, lead towards Behaviour; perhaps the greatest British pop album. Has a telling off to get over a teenage heartbreak ever sounded so good?

Spiritualized – Home of the Brave

A rewatch of Vanilla Sky – I used to watch it weekly – gets me digging out Ladies and Gentlemen after it’s Ladies and Gentlemen refrain. I’d love to own a Space Suit.

Alan Vega – Fist

The second track from Mutator ticks along with early 80’s PSB’s typewriter style synth patterns tapping along under Vega’s chants about redemptions and crucifixitions. Not quiet Suicide, more poppy and Nic Cave sounding, Fist sounds like the soundtrack for what would have been an amazing AMQC show.