Thinkin bout you – Jenni Orlopp

Starting off with a throwback to the old Nintendo Gameboy sounding beeps and baps, it takes less than fifteen seconds for Thinkin bout you to move from the past to the present as the production switches from 90’s sounds to the type of minimalist tempo beats popularised recently by Eilish, XCX and the modern gang.  Mumbling/whispering over dance/hip-hop beats, Manchester-based, but North-eastern born, Orlopp shines with her new jazzy pop outing filled with modern digitals, minimal spacings and well-crafted melodies.  Delivered with part distance, part intimate, vocals, Thinkin straddles the line between menacing and vulnerable with a cleverly focused narrative fixed on the maturity of relationships (“so tell me why you’re always on my mind, you’re all I think of when I lie awake at night/do you feel the same type of way”).  Thinkin is a sterling mature piece of work both in terms of sound and theme proving Orlopp is one to watch.