Feva interview. 13.6.17

You’ll be playing the Ne Volume show at the O2 Academy and we’re really excited you’ll be playing. We’ve seen you a couple of times in the past 4 months and each time you look stronger and stronger with a longer set and a bunch of new materials to play. What can we expect from the O2 show?

Same again! Hopefully new material and a stronger set. We’ve been working on a couple of things in the practice room which will hopefully be ready come the gig. Every show we’ve played we’ve come off knowing it’s better than the last and as we are still a new band (our first gig was February), that’s exactly what we want.

You’ve been pretty busy on the live circuit recently amongst other dates you played Hit the North and Stockton Calling. How’s the live shows been going?

Really well, our aim was to get as many as we could to begin with to start and get the name circulating about and we’ve began to see familiar faces returning to see us play so it’s nice to see the hard work pay off and to hear the positive comments people have to say. Both Stockton and Hit the North were really good shows for us, both were busy and we were happy with our performance, we’d love to play both again next year.

And how were the sell out shows in Tynemouth with the Pale Whites?

Excellent, as all Pale White shows are. The fact it was sold out and everyone was up for it made the whole night more enjoyable. Again, our set seemed to go down well and we’ve managed to get ourselves another gig at surf cafe in September out of it alongside Avalanche Party.

Your new track ‘You’ sounds like a band full of confidence. Is ‘You’ a good indication of the overall Feva sound?

The FEVA sound is really just whatever Sam doesn’t moan at in the practice room so you could say that aye! In fairness, we don’t really have a sound as of yet, a lot of people have pointed out different similarities to other artists but there isn’t really anything distinctive with ourselves and others which is something we aim to continue. No one wants to sound the same as another band.

What aims do you have for the remainder of 2017?

We’re going to be recording more music throughout the year with some exciting stuff happening behind the scenes. We’ve more shows to announce as well with a possible headliner in there as well so plenty to look forward to. Other than that we’ll aim to continue doing what we’re doing, people seem to be enjoying it so far, ourselves included.