Good Habits. 23.2.23

Good Habits Spring Tour 

 Nomadic folk  

Back by support from Help Musicians, folk duo Good Habits will be heading back out on tour in full force shortly, promoting new material including recent release The Earth has Moved.  Damian Robinson caught up with Good Habit’s Bonnie and Pete to find out more.  across the country.

Congratulations on the Earth has Moved, it’s a great piece.  Could you say a few words about it please 

(Bonnie) I’ve spent a while exploring Folk Cello, and I think that aspect of my learning helped to build some of the composition in the piece.  I think it’s an interesting direction for us to move in and we’re both really proud with how it has turned out 

And the accompanying video is excellent, it really seems to support the essence of the track.  How did that come about? 

(Pete) Thanks that was mostly me. I’ve done some work in videography so I took on the role of developing this video. It’s shot from live footage of us playing the tune, and I think the video has come out really well and probably better than expected.  People seem to like the live version as much as the recording, and again that’s a nice surprise for us to see.  Sometimes as performers you’re too close to the performance to see it objectively and it’s been really nice to have such nice feedback. 

You both do some much live, combining different instruments with vocals, does that factor into your thoughts when you think about playing live? 

(Bonnie) I think, for me as a songwriter, it probably factors more into the creatin of the piece than the performance.  So when I’m writing something I’m probably trying to be mindful of how this can be played live; often it means pieces are stripped back a little and more grounded and solid. 

With your new tour on the horizon are you aware of what you’ll perform? 

(Bonnie) Not yet but our set tends to change on the night depending on the show and the venue, but we’ll certainly be curating our songs into chapters which help take an audience on a journey and have become really important to how we think about live shows. 

Anything you’re looking forward to about the Newcastle show in particular? 

(Pete) We had a wicked time at a recent Women are mint show and are friends with Martha Hill and some lovely people we met from and around the show.  So it’ll be exciting to come back and say hi to friends and people we really admire.  

The Earth has moved is available now.  Good Habits play Newcastle, Cobalt on 27th April.