Julie Grant. It’s me but it’s us

Having built a live reputation for excellent musicianship and fine 3 part harmonies, it feels relieving to see Julie Grant (the name of both the band and the front person) capturing their performing sound so well onto record.

Part folk, part acoustic and part rollicking pop, ‘It’s me’ is a great journey across a number of different genres whilst simultaneously locking itself into a continual narrative of personal reflection and introspection.  At their best on ‘upbeat’ tracks (album highlights ‘Drive over sometime’ and ‘Mother I’ve won’) the Grant’s kick with some serious clout in a musical style reminiscent of the guitar driven pop championed by Marr’s swinging Rickenbacker or the Go-go’s debut, a style supported by Grant’s introvert vocal delivery.

Finding moments for acoustic sensitivity (‘Something special’, ‘Over and out’ and ‘Orange brain’) ‘It’s me’ is a full reflection of the human behaviour; moments of excitement followed by moments of sadness.  Great work.