Bill Ryder Jones – Yawn

Anyone who saw Bill at this years’ Deer Shed may have felt slightly worried about our guitar hero.  Distance, and unable to face the crowd, Jones looked like a man lost in his own world; only appearing fully formed when in deep concentration.  That may not be a bad thing however as, whisper it, the older Bill gets, the greater the parallels with Brian Wilson, both in terms of stage presence, as well as their endless musical searching.

Kicking off with the line ‘there’s a fortune to be had, by telling people you’re sad’, from opener ‘There’s something on your mind’, ‘Yawn’ is a deeply emotive and musically complex album which, ultimately, makes sad sounding songs about being happy.  Delivered over hushed vocals, Spiritualized styled guitars, and full of honest, brave, lyrics, Yawn is a magnificent, raw, album, which sees Jones full expose himself for the sake of his art.  We’re in Pet Sounds territory here.