Death from Above – is 4 lovers

With more than a hint of modern industrialism, ‘Is 4’ finds the Death’s carrying on their sonic voyage in search of an answer to the question of where exactly does a pop melody begin and end!?

Kicking hard with wave after wave of sonic layerings, yet hard rock at it’s heart (particularly stand outs Modern Guy and one+one), ‘Is 4’ uses breakbeats, vocal effects and synth surroundings to constantly drive an album of unrelenting energy and surprise.  Merging together the hard rock of Muse (particularly on glam stomper ‘Free animal’), with the sheer force of electro-rock outfits NIN, The Prodigy, At the Drive In, Daft Punk and Throbbing Gristle, ‘Is 4’ is a rock record at heart but a one with no desire at all to follow standard patterns, rules or production.  Superb.