March 2017 – playlist

Underworld – Jumbo (live)

‘Gawd bless ya’

The track I always return to when I’m working and need to lock into a groove, concentrate and be energised by electronic beats.

Taken from their 3rd (electronic) album, this is Underworld at their very best.  Loud, warm, emotional, artistic and abstract.  It’s everything that dance music should be; technology should set us free, not cage us in.

‘Click, you disconnect from me.  Click, when you’re gone you take your sanctuary’


Kraftwerk- Aero Dynamic (live)

Providing my 2nd tune to concentrate with, Hutter and the lads turn up reinventing the sound of the future some 30 years after they’ve originally conceived it.

William Gibson on psychedelics.

To think that I used to own one of those ultra violet, spider web, t-shirts.  Wish I’d kept it.

‘Perfection. Mechanic. Aero Dynamic’



Tame Impala- Let it happen (live)

For some reason, the sound of a Vocoders has always been my source for generating ideas.

And if you’re a vocoder nut, then there’s very few moments of Vocoder genius better than the moment (9.59) Kevin steps up to the Vocoder and goes for it.  Looking and sounding like the best birthday party you’ve never been to this is right out there at the cutting edge of contemporary pop.  Utterly, utterly, briliant.

I’m convinced he sticks his middle finger up halfway through his vocoding.

‘Take the ticket, get the next train’


Lo Fidelity All Stars- Lazer Sheep Dip Funk

Our first, non-live, track of the evening.

My favourite vocoder moment of all time.

The Lo Fi’s Wrecked Train opening up on top of what must be the funkiest track of the 1990s.  God only knows what he’s saying.  But probably only God Cares, the rest of us nod along.


Earth Wind and Fire- Let’s groove


When you’re in the midst of a vocoder fixation, you’re better off riding it right through.

“Let this groove get you to move”


Julian Casablanca – 11th dimension

Defying my own rules by referencing the same track within 12 months, indie boy Casablanca destroys pretty much all of the dance acts around by providing originality and quality.

“Forgive them, even if they are not sorry”


Father John Misty- Total Entertainment Forever

The best new track I’ve heard this month.  Soulful, clever and brilliantly thought provoking.

I wish I was as intense as Father John.

Oh baby come on.