The Dickies

At a time when the nightly news is morphing too easily into a form of entertainment, its perhaps more important than ever that we seek out the worlds reality through sources which are unedited and unsanitised.

Right from it’s origins (in fact right from it’s influences) the punk movement has always been tied to the philosophy that 3 chords and the truth beats long winded pontification by some way.  Further, and contrary to popular belief, punks spirit is not just centred around an energetic rock and roll sound, played with total commitment, but also an often hidden sense of humour; the sugar which helps the medicine go down.

Never afraid to tell their truth, or play with commitment and humour, LA’s originators of punk, ‘The Dickies’ may be one of those bands who should be on everyone’s ‘to see’ list.  Playing a style of music that uses catchy melodies, deep harmonies, and a humorous, comical style, the Dickies produce a sound close in sound, and spirit, with the buzz-saw, ironic, style of the Ramones.  The result of this combination is an up tempo, truthful, relentless live show delivered with secret ironies and hidden meanings; it’s a style which subverts core news-worthy messages into ‘just’ entertainment.  You can hear it all through standout tracks like ‘Banana Splits’, ‘Waterslide’ and ‘Manny, Moe and Jack’.

If the commitment, sweat and energy of last years’ Cluny’s show was anything to go by (where we missed frontman Leonard Grave Phillips through illness) just imagine what to expect this year (especially with Leonard back).

The Dickies ‘UK 40th Anniversary tour’, with support from ‘In Evil Hour’ will come to Newcastle o2 Academy on the 19th July.