Jan 18 playlist

Orange Juice – Rip it up

There’s an underlying ‘lets dance’ feel in both the visuals, vocals and rhythm section of rip it up.  More Talking Heads than even the heads themselves, these guys are certainly not as dumb as they look.

ABC – Poison arrow

Staying in the early 80s funk/soul revival, up steps Bowie-esque gold suited Martin Fry to flounce and pose.  “You think you’re smart!? – stupid”; between this and Orange Juice, there certainly seems to be a lot of stupidity / idiocy in the 80s .

Fours – Stella

Into the modern, but staying soulful, with this superb electronic groove fest sticking the finger up at inappropriate middle-aged men.   Standing alone, playing on your phone, are you having fun?

Johnny Johnson – Breakin’ down the walls of heartbreak

When we’re on the dancefloor lets stay a little longer.  Northern Soul classic from the Bandwagons – the dancing in the video is out of this world.


Elvis – suspicious minds

The apex of the ‘That’s the way it is’ story, the king throws out the slowed down, broken-hearted, interpretation in favour of a speeded up, soulful, groove fest.  Goofing about, lively, in charge, Elvis never looked as good.  No wonder the crowd couldn’t take it

Archie bell – there’s gonna be a show down

West-Side Story has got nothing on this tale of dance-offs and the ambition of being the ‘Top Cat’.  Sharp suits and sharp moves.


College and Electric Youth – A real hero

Electronic music has rarely mixed with human vocals as well.  Soulful, futuristic and original, utterly brilliant.

Deep Sleep – Soho

Newcastle band play an interesting blend of upbeat indie.  Youthful, jangly and a soaring chorus it makes you jealous of getting old.  Is a soho the same thing as an mmmmbop?

Waves – Bug

Screeching guitars and scuzz from rrriot grrrl sounding Waves.  You’re not fun, you’re just dumb…. er… hold on, is that an 80s band!?

Bowie – Blackstar

Leaving his best to last, Bowie provides an emotive insight into knowing the end is close.  Multi-layered, deep and profound in so many ways.  We can hear you Major Tom.