Max Bianco 13.1.17

So the start of 2017 is looking very busy for you Max, you have the release of your new EP coming soon and a Jar Family tour.  Of the two, which are you looking forward to the most?

I’m looking forward to both of them, they’re both completely different projects. When I’m with the Jar Family it’s like a full outfit and one where we all know what we’re doing.  I have a good laugh with the boys.  I’ve never been in a band with a stranger bunch of lads in my life.  It’s good fun with them.

The thing on my own is a new venture  I’ve been doing the last few months and it’s been getting a good reception.  It’s my goal to have recordings out on social media in the next few months.  I’m excited for both of them.

Tell us about the new EP

The EP is still a work in progress.  There’s definitely something coming out very soon, it’s about halfway done now and it’ll be something to remember.

You recorded part of the new EP in Portobello with Jimmy Bollan and Kevin Harris, how’s it sounding?

It was raw, acoustic and harmonica, but I’m reworking a few tracks and now it’s going to sound like Elvis’s 1968 comeback gig sung by Bob Dylan.

You’ve always had something interesting to say on your recordings, whether that’s been introspective on h/town blues or social commentary on Superfluous, what will you be saying on the new record?

It’ll be a way of introducing myself to people, and also a commentary from an average lad in the North East about how he sees things.   It’s some things that other people aren’t saying at the minute which could be said.

I think a lot of people can relate to that, and everybody I talk to seems to get it.  As well I’d like to introduce the South to the North; the North East has always been a mythical place I think to some people.

Any plans to tour the EP?

Yes, I want to do a string of acoustic gigs around the North East in the summer time.  There’s nothing set in stone just yet but the best place to keep up to date if my facebook (  I’m hoping to venture out into Europe by the end of the year.

And you keep yourself busy with the solo career and the Jar Family work, so what’s next?

I’m not really sure myself at the minute, we’re talking about recording some new Jar Family stuff and I want to be gigging a lot more than I have been.  CD releases don’t really count anymore, unless you do some great work with vinyl, which I’ll be doing solo and with the Jar Family.  But really at the minute it’s all about the live shows, which is the best part anyway, so enjoying them and making new friends.