Sarah Johnsone. Hurricane

Following up some of the spiker indie moments of her February single, I don’t wanna be your girl, Sarah Johnsone returns with even more electric guitar jangles on new single Hurricane.

Starting off with a minute of delicately sung, almost lullaby-like, melodies, Hurricane begins with lovely elongated guitar riffs and stretched-out, deliberately slowed-down, soulful vocals in the style of Duffy or Amy Winehouse.  Picking up the pace and the temp from a minute in, Hurricane shifts to interesting rhythm patterns and structures as the tune metamorphoses from a soulful composition into a jangling, spiky, piece of indie pop.  Using the ever-increasing tempo as a vehicle to carry the core emotional message of the song, the second half of Hurricane sees Johnsone deliver a variety of strong vocal lines before ending with a final climactic electric guitar burst.  A strong allrounder, Hurricane takes risks and avoids the obvious and safe route.  Great work.