April 2022

Stranglers – Always the Sun

A Hugh Cornwell show has me introduced to an edgier, rawer, version of maybe my favourite song of all time. “Who get to say who gets to work and who gets to play? I always told at school everybody should get the same” – words to live by.

Tommy Lee – Good Times

I get stuck into the Pam & Tommy show, getting annoyed about the way the 90s are portrayed with some strange historic lense. But the Tommy character is interesting and I remembering reading some of his biographies about 12 years ago and getting stuck into this song – which i’m not saying is the greatest song ever, but it does try..

Christine and The Queens- IT

I’ve been watching all of ‘Girls’ across April – and probably into May given I have season 6 left. The ending credits always stand out with their excellent music choices- this one stands out the most.