Ignoring the snowflakes protests which have helped transition pop from clever double entendre messages to straight up political correctness, Fidlar remain one a handful of bands who continue to use humour as a way of provoking a reaction in the world of experimental rock. Experimenting with their sound on this, their third album, Fidlar turn down the guitars and move to a heavier beat driven texture sounding which becomes, including the use of snide remarks and witty asides, a distance relative of licence to ill. Yes we’re in that territory. Standouts, ‘get off my rock’ and ‘by myself’ retain the bands angry punk element attitude but lace it with heavier, head nodding, dust brother feel, beats. . At times cutting loose with only guitars, ( ‘alcohol’) fidlar have retained their clever punk pop feel and yet taken brave risks also. One to play for those needing a sense of humour reboot.