Stephen Malkmus. Groove Denied.

Recently declared as the ‘Dad of indie rock’ it’ll be interesting to hear what the indie kids make of Stephen Malkmus’s first official venture into the world of electronica; particularly given the genre’s often rigid boundaries of acceptability.  Not fully a journey into synthetic sounds, and potentially close in anatomy to Bowie’s ‘Earthling’, ‘Groove Denied’ could be best described as being equal parts interesting electronic experimentation (colossal album opener ‘Belziger Faceplant’, claustrophobic ‘Forget your Place’) and lightly electrified gentle pop (the Evan Dando sounding ‘Bossviscerate’, the Bryds reminiscent ‘Ocean of Revenge’).  Wonderfully composed, and mostly presented in typical Malkmus styled lo-fi production, Groove Denied is an interesting, accessible, listen – particularly for longer-term listeners of Malkmus interested in hearing him create with new tools.  Perhaps faltering in its running-order (predominantly electronic at the beginning, less so in the second half) making the album feel slightly bi-polar, Groove is an interesting collection from an always interesting artist.