Black Nevada. 8.9.18

Local alternative rock heroes, Black Nevada, have gained a solid reputation with energetic live shows and intense recorded tracks.  Last years ‘Fragments’ EP cemented their status as both ‘ones to watch’ and ‘one to see’ with blistering sounds and full throttle energy.  Back on tour and working on new material, Damian Robinson caught up with Nevada guitarist Joe Metcalfe to talk the importance of live shows and the complexities of having too many ideas at once.

Hi Joe, ‘Fragments’ came out about a year ago.  How do you feel when you look back at that EP?

We’re very proud of both the EP itself and also the reaction we received from it.  Funnily enough, we wrote the EP really quickly once we had the first few ideas.  Once we found the songs, the EP was finished in a really short time.

How are you finding following it up?

We’re full of ideas and creativity at the moment.  The difficulty, if you like, is piecing the fragments together and stopping for a moment to work on our old ideas before the new ones come along.  What I would say is that the music is sounding amazing and once we piece parts together properly, it should be some great work.  We’re aiming for early next year to have something new out.

And whilst you do that, you’re still out in the live scene.  The show at the O2 in August was pretty special.

Thanks, it’s always great to play the O2.  The line-up for the show that incredible, so it’s a compliment to all of the bands that the show was good, not just to us.

Next, you’ve got a couple of weeks off and then you’re back into a new run of shows?

That’s right.  We’re playing Edinburgh soon, and Reading, then we’ll be back at the Forum in October before we play more shows.  I think all of the band would agree that playing live is our favourite part of being in a band.

And the Forum, in particular, is pretty special to you isn’t it?

We love it.  Not only is the sound quality amazing but the venue is also doing some great work with original music across the region.  It’s also on our doorstep which we like.

What can people expect from the gig at the Forum?

It’ll be an amazing show, really energetic. We’re so excited when we’re on stage and we want everyone to feel the same way, which is all what live music should be about.  We write and play music to make others feel good happy and to inspire others to pick up an instrument.  I hope that comes across.

Black Nevada play The Forum, Darlington, on 11th October.  Tickets are available from