Anthony Vacher ‘I Don’t Wanna Wake Up’

If nothing else, the new track from Newcastle based artist Anthony Vacher should be praised for it’s attempt to break-apart the traditional structure to a 3 minute, boy dreams about girl, pop song and create something new.

Starting with a single ukulele, Vacher blends longing vocals and teenage longing lyrics to create a heartfelt prayer to the pop gods, asking them to bring him the one he loves.  It’s a lovely opening to a pop track, and one Vacher could have stayed with should he have wanted to create ‘just’ the soundtrack to every teenage girl’s dream of romance.

Unwilling to stay with this sound Vacher changes the song’s tempo at the first bridge and introduces disco-style rhythms and a gentle electronic soundtrack.   Somehow, and very convincingly, we’ve moved from (early) Gary Barlow to the Bee Gees; the message of the song has remained the same but rather than dreaming about the one we love, we’re in a 70s disco, dancing with the one we love.

In the third act of the song, Vacher adds an orchestral sound and changes his vocal delivery – giving the track an even deeper disco groove.  We’ve almost ended the song in Frankie Vali and the Four Seasons territory.

Ending with just the solo ukulele, and a considerable vocal, Vacher brings the song full circle back to it’s quiet, dreaming, state.

By challenging the song structure of a pop song, as well as being brave and not staying with an opening that did not need to be altered, Vacher has created something accessible, interesting and  thought provoking.  Surely that’s the point of pop music.