Ten Eighty Trees – Fear of Falling

Opening up with juddering rock power chords, and blazing into soaring chorus’s, the new one from Tyneside rockers Ten Eighty Trees clearly aims to put their name squarely into the regional/national/international ‘ones to watch’ rock lexicon.  Precisely produced and following interesting alternative rock standards, ‘Fear’ mixes up light electronics, varying vocal ranges, and changing rhythm tempos into a track that is both instantly accessible yet seldom stationary as it bobs and weaves into territory often occupied by the likes of alternatives Biffy Clyro, grunger’s Stone Temple Pilots and metallers Megadeath. 

Suggesting the true meaning behind ‘Fear’, vocalist Nathan Newton admits that the tracks alternative sound may slightly disguise the true, deeply personal, meaning behind the song; ““Fear of Falling to put it simply is about my experiences with PTSD. I had a pretty horrific accident about 4 years ago and really struggled with sleep deprivation in the aftermath. It was such a tough repercussion and put a lot of stress on my life and relationships. Writing Fear of Falling was essentially my own personal therapy”. 

Having already toured extensively nationally, this sounds not just like a winning track for the Tens but also a one to look forward to being played at full volume live.