Sam Thomas – Progress

Kicking off with the well-received single, ‘Mr Sunshine’, Progress finds Thomas in a down-tempo, distant, mood; happy to share his smoked out, deeply personal, reflections to anyone who happens to stop by for a while. 

Looking out into the middle ground, and centred by a flow which brings his North East tinges to the front of mix, Progress works best in places (Headshot, Just Cruising) where Thomas lets you in close with his lyrics, but keeps you at arm’s length with his production – he’s close, but you’re not getting all the way in.  It’s a trick he references on outro ‘You don’t know me’, an in joke about just how much he has revealed and how much is still to be seen.   Coming full circle, highlight ‘#ihatehashtags, standing out with its slightly more menacing beat and humours delivery, let’s you know that he’s full aware of the joke and it’s on us.