Gosforth Civic Theatre – 5.10.20

It may be a, relative, youngster on the regions Arts and Live music scene, but what the Gosforth Civic Theatre lacks in terms of age it more than makes up with in resilience and determination.   Active since its re-opening after lockdown, the Theatre finds itself now battling the day to day changes in Government regulations for performance venues against the need to curate future events.  How do they keep motivated? By perusing a purpose.  Damian Robinson caught up with Programme manager Scott Forbes to find out more.

Hi Scott, it’s great to hear the good work coming out of the Theatre; how’ve you been finding things?

We’re doing our best, thank you, though it can be hard.  We reopened in stages after lock down, which seemed to work quiet well, and we’ve got to the point where we can put small events on which comply to governments regulations and keep everyone safe.

Has it been difficult keeping up to date with legislations?

It has been at times, yes, but we’re quiet a small venue which means we can make changes pretty quickly.  Before we reopened there was a bit more work in terms of redesigning the layout slightly but since then it’s been more about making small changes when they’re required.

You’ve had some performances on as well since lockdown, how have they gone?

Very well thanks.  They’re small, intimate, shows so they’re relatively easy for us to manage and make sure everyone, customers, employees, performers, are all socially distant and safe.  That’s been our number one aim, to keep everyone safe.  That and also our desire to support the local arts and performance scene.  We’re still relatively new but the more we think about how we impact the scene, and the small part we can play in keeping the arts alive, the more it helps drive our purpose and makes us keep going.

Thank you, I’m sure that’s really important to all of us who enjoy the live scene

I think lockdown showed us how much we all need the arts, and the importance of the arts to the local economy and to people’s well-being.  We’ll do all we can to keep playing our part and putting on interesting events and keeping our café open.  That’s how we feel we can help.

For up to date calendars for the Gosforth Civic Theatre’s performances, as well as the café’s opening hours, please check out https://www.gosforthcivictheatre.co.uk/