Andrew Johnson – Suzie wants to Boogie

With an undercurrent of the edgy indie-disco days of the lo-fidelity allstars, a middle section that almost lifts and shifts the breakdown of S-Club’s Don’t stop movin’, and an overall sense of a heavy Giorgio Moroder sprinkle; it’s very clear that not only does Suzie want to boogie but so too does Cherry Head, Cherry Heart’er Andew Johnson.  In fact, given the amount of disco groove he’s throwing our way, it appears he wants us all to boogie. 

Taken as part of a still to be released concept album, Suzie is a layered piece of modern disco; it’s brash, it’s colourful and it’s full of fun.  Aside from perhaps a playout that feels a little too elongated in its repetition, Suzie struts and poses its way through the door like Tony Manero walking into 2001 Odyssey ready to own the floor and leave with the prize.  If you don’t know who Manero is, add Suzie to a Saturday Night Fever playlist and find the groove.