Robert Andler-Lipski. Outside In.

As the shows title, Outside In, suggests, the upcoming exhibition by South Shields based visual artist and designer Robert Andler-Lipski is formed out of an overriding desire to surprise his audience by inverting the surroundings we often take for granted. Just as you might look twice at home decorations made from earthly materials like, say, sea shells, Outside in, the very nature of setting everyday objects and designs into a new environmental context, invites us to stop and notice the things we take for granted. 

Perhaps pop-art at its heart, Andler’s work is often viewed as an ability to take a wide range of common materials and blend them into figurative subjects with abstract forms. Resulting in the creation of complex, chaotic, harmony, what Andler’s work often demonstrates is that art does not have to be obvious or immediately identifiable; in fact often its real beauty is in the moments where it helps us to realise that we’ve been looking at things all of our life, but never really seen them. Trying to find harmony and the truth inside of abstract-ism, Outside In is an opportunity to stop for a moment and pay attention.