Bloxx 14.9.18

West London four piece Uxbridge-based ‘Bloxx’ have already been championed as ones to watch, with comparisons to both the indie meets guitar rock of Wold-Alice and Sundara Karma.  Damian Robinson caught up with Bloxx guitarist Taz to find out more about the challenge of dealing with hype and the importance of building momentum.

Hi Taz, from an outsiders perspective it looks like 2018 has been a great year for the band so far.  Is this the same feeling in the band?

Yeah, it’s been a wild year for sure and we’ve become something which we didn’t think was possible.  Not only have we written some of our best work to date, but we’ve also got to play Reading, so it’s been amazing.

How have you managed to handle the increased interest in the band?

We certainly learn from the feedback we’re given, however the reality is that we have probably higher standards in the band than those outside of the band.  Ultimately we want to write music for us, and we want to put everything we have into our music.  If it’s good enough for us then that keeps us happy.

New music is being released regularly, what’s next on the cards for the band?

We’ll have a new EP out within 6 months.  ‘Monday’, our new single, has just been released and we can’t wait to get the full EP out which we’ll release singles from before, during and post our next tour.

Is it hard to hold back new music which you know is your best yet?

It can be yes, but it’s also really cool to have ammunition ready to bring to a new tour in the shape of songs which people haven’t head yet.  These new songs have been filling the band with confidence so they’re helping us to feel excited about the tour and about the future.

So you’re more excited than normal about touring?

Absolutely.  It’s all about building a momentum.  We’ve just finished the festival season where we got to play all of the festivals we’ve hoped for, like Reading.  This has helped get us into really good shape as a live band.  Our aim now is to headline our own shows, which is a little scary, to let people hear the new music, and to create a real buzz about the band.  It’s nice to hear people are into us, but it’s more important for us to justify people’s interest.  We aim to do that on the tour and with our new releases.

Bloxx play Newcastle’s ‘Underground on Tuesday 30th October.  Information about the show, and to check out Bloxx’s music, visit