Duchess – Haunter

Following on swiftly from April’s ‘Rachel’ single release, Gateshead alternative rock trio Duchess are back, darker and more intimidating with new track ‘Haunter’.  Slicker and more polished than ‘Rachel’ the new release sees the band continue their musical and song-writing growth.

Focused on a narrative about past regrets and failures, Haunter finds the band in search of a sound which captures the feelings which come from a life of poor choices and heartbreak.  Locked in a heavy guitar sound, and emotive drumming by Adam Robinson, Duchess capture the sense of regret.  Powerful, emo, vocals from Callum Chambers support the songs sense of urgency and our author’s offer of empathy and protection.  Combined, Duchess produce a cracking single which offers emotional response to someone in need of help after a lifetime of hurt.

Well produced in a sound that gives equal prominence to all band members, Hauting is equally claustrophobic and intense as it is upbeat and purposeful.  The result is Duchess’s strongest work yet.  Alternative rock can’t be beaten when it has a clear purpose.