Motions. 18.1.23. ne volume.

Post-Metal outfit Motions have kicked off their birth with a ferocious self-titled album and recently released single Permanent Ghost.  Damian Robinson caught up with Motions frontman Jonny grant ahead of the album release and incoming tour dates.

Your last single Permanent Ghost gained a lot of great press – how was 2022 for you?

It was crazy. We keep forgetting we’ve only been a band for six months, so to have written an album is something we’re really proud of. We definitely learned some tough lessons and are starting to see the results of that now – the way we promote ourselves and the sound we’re going for. I think early on it was naturally a bit inconsistent.

 New single Dead Seeds is a raging metal, riff-heavy, attack on the senses.  Could you explain a little bit about the track and where the idea came from?

Guitar-wise, Dave needs to take the credit. I think musically it just screams pulsating anger, but there’s a vulnerability and a fear about it too. Our producer Paddy did a great job of emphasising that feeling. The first thing I thought of when I heard it was the anxiety that I felt when I first became a parent and the rage I felt at the idea of anyone hurting him. I explored those ideas as a form of catharsis.

Vocalist Krsy Fox and Raging Speedhorn frontman Dan Cook both appear on Dead Seeds, how did those collaborations came about?

Dave and Jay knew Dan from their days in their previous band Exit by Name, and given we’re big fans of Raging Speedhorn we thought it’d be really cool to get him involved. As for Krsy, I know her from the movie business, she’s a fantastic director and singer and her voice totally suits such a heavy track.

Is Dead Seeds a good indication of what we can expect from your new album?

Yeah the album is out on April 28th, and I’d say Dead Seeds is the beating heart of it. Then we have faster tracks, slower, more ambient and softer tracks. We really wanted to take the listener on an emotional journey. Very importantly, we’re working with Press On Vinyl to get the album released on vinyl. We need 70 pre-orders by Feb 10th, so anyone who can go out and grab one, that’d be amazing. The link is in our Insta bio (@motionsmetalband)

Will you be doing any gigs to promote/celebrate Dead Seeds?

Absolutely, our single launch is at Westgarth, Boro on Saturday Feb 11th. We have a great lineup including Negatives, Boadicea, and Bloke Chap Fellow.  We’re also playing the Black Bull, Gateshead, on Friday Jan 27th

What other plans/ shows do you have for this year?

 We have a few planned but we’re not mentioning them until after the Feb 11th show and plenty to promote in the coming months, for sure! Exciting times!

Details about Permanent Ghost, upcoming shows and pre-orders can be found here