December 2017 – Playlist

Grid – Throb

Favourites of a young firestarter, this almost-25-year-old track still blazes with the big beat sound it inspired.  Bring back Ball and Norris.

Propellerheads – Take California

Speaking of Big Beat, it’s been over 20 years since I saw these guys at V97 – still one of the best shows i’ve ever seen.  I knew I should have bought that t-shirt!!

Lo Fidelity all stars – Battle flag

Once you’re in a Big Beat state, it’s easier to stay here. Part Underworld lyrics, part Oasis, part Chemical brothers sound.

Little Steven – Out of the Darkness

Banging, New Jersey, broadcast from a man who could easily have cashed in on his background but chose not to.  Original sound and highlight of a recent Newcastle show.


Oasis – Gas Panic

Recent Gallagher battles have distracted from their original brilliance, including this hidden classic. As Liam says ‘it’s good fucking tune this one’.

Last Christmas – Beth

Not the cover I heard on the radio – a female led piano record- but a decent rendition of a heart breaker which sounds even better when stripped right back.  We miss you George.

Jesse Malin – Operator

Favourite live artist of the year – by some distance- this guy maintains standards others cant.  Cover from 08 and a great pick me up.

Lindisfarne – Don’t ask me

Stomper from Geordie lads sounding like a funk based Allman Brothers.   Strap in when the riff kicks.

Black Rebel Motorcycle club – Little thing gone wild

Greatest band of this century, bar none.  Still dark, bruising and menacing.