Magick Mountain – Weird Feelings

There’s a lot to like about the debut album from Magick Mountain, most of which seems to revolve around its complete devotion to the church of 70’s influenced American rock.  Styled around early Kings of Leon heavy riffs (‘Bart Cobain’), explosive baselines (Infinity x2) and lush two-pronged vocal attacks, Weird Feelings nudges itself into heavy rock territory in a bid to find redemption in the power of guitar riffs and spiralling solos. 

Yet this devotion  may also be its downfall, for as much as there is to like about the albums desire to kick out the jams, and showcase the power of rock, Weird feels more reverential than original; several riffs coming straight from catalogues written decades ago by rock royalty including Kings (of Leon) and Queens (of the Stone age).  There’s a lot to like, but perhaps there’s little new.