Sarah darling 20.2.18

Ahead of her 12 date UK & Ireland tour, Nashville’s Sarah Darling will release the single ‘Wasted’. Produced by Mark Bright (Carrie Underwood, Rascall Flatts) and written by Sarah with country hit songwriters Josh Osborne (Kacey Musgraves, Sam Hunt et al) & Marc Beeson (Blake Shelton, LeAnn Rimes) ‘Wasted’ is the first music to be released in 2018.  We caught up with Sarah to hear about her tour and new material.

Sarah, your new single ‘Wasted’ sounds fantastic, perhaps a perfect encapsulation of Nashville’s famous ‘High Lonesome’ imagery. For our readers still to hear the song, can you say a few words about what it’s about please?

Thank you so much for the kind words! It’s one of those haunting country melodies that you feel lucky to be part of. This song touches upon addiction and how it affects the people we love. I wrote it 7 years ago after a late night call from a family member saying their marriage was being destroyed by alcoholism. They felt completely invisible. Of course I had to write a song about it the next day. It’s brought a lot of healing which is so special as a singer songwriter.

The track was written with Josh Osborne and Marc Beeson, two legendary songwriters. How does working with other contributors affect the writing of a song which is clearly so personal?

It’s amazing how personal you have to get when you are writing a song. I joke that it’s a special time when I truly get to say how I really feel! It was an honor to work with Josh Osborne and Marc Beeson. They really let me tell my story, and experience it with me. That’s the magical part of songwriting is how it all comes together in a room by opening your heart.

Mark Bright produced Wasted, and we’ve heard that you’ve done some more work with him. Can you say a few words please about what you’ve been working on and what might be coming soon?

Honestly, making new music in the studio is one of my favorite aspects of what I do! The waiting to release it is very hard! I am honored to have recorded a few tracks with Mark Bright towards the end of the last year. He’s got such an amazing ear, but also allowed me to be me. That’s the best kind of producer. Somebody who elevates who you are. There is a track that talks about finding Diamonds in the rough that I can’t wait for everyone to hear. As well as not losing your Shimmer and shine. Those are my hints!

Is the sound of ‘Wasted’ a good indication of what the new material with Mark sounds like?

‘Wasted’ is a perfect introduction to the sound of where I’m going. The other tracks are even more cinematic. It’s country, storytelling with landscapes all around. I want to continue to send the audience to a beautiful place in their mind.

You’re releasing ‘Wasted’ as part of your 12 date UK and Ireland tour. Which element of being a singer songwriter do you prefer?

The live performances (‘singing’) or the songwriting? It’s such an equal love for me. I feel like it goes in waves or seasons really. I like those full on writing and creating times, and then I get excited and want to share it all with the world! I’m also a girl who loves to travel and experience a place. It’s one of my favorite writing tools.

‘Wasted’ is out now.  Sarah will play The Sage, Gateshead, on March 13th.