The Futureheads. 16.8.19

The Futureheads

Back with us since 2017, and touring again from 2018, The Futureheads look, and sound, brighter than ever.  On the verge of releasing their new album ‘Powers’, and optimistic for the future, Damian Robinson caught up with a very excited Futurehead Barry Hyde. 

We’ve seen the band a number of times since you got back together and you all look really happy.  What’s it been like for you?

Without a doubt we’re all really happy, I’d agree.  I enjoyed doing my solo stuff but sometimes it felt very lonely, though often the morose was worth it. I feel really chuffed that we’ve managed to relaunch the band and that we look as happy as we feel. 

Stealing the live shows has been new single ‘Good night out’.  How’s the reaction been to the new material?

Good, really good, actually.  The new material has gone down really well.  Good night out is a very immediate song, and is a really strong statement of intent, so we enjoy playing that one; it’s fun to play and is quiet bombastic.

Is ‘Good night out’ a good indication of what we can expect from ‘Powers’?

Not entirely.  We certainly have some choppy, accessible, material but some of the album is also a little more experimental.  I’d say that the album is full of ideas and looks for structures that you don’t always hear in indie music.  Personally speaking, Powers reminds me of the first album, at least in terms of its intent. 

How’s the writing process been for you when coming back into a collective after having working solely for a while?

It’s been great.  We decided to get back together in 2017 and had about 7 months, individually, of getting back into musical shape and creating some individual ideas.  That helped us immensely when we started thinking about a new album as it meant we were all fit but also not locked into the sound of a recent album; which can often create problems.

And then you’re out touring the album from September.

We are yes.  We’ve done about a dozen festivals this year and they’ve shown there’s still some opportunities out there for us.  Being back in the band is just fantastic and I’m loving playing electric guitar and the comradery of being with the lads. There was always a love there. That never went away.  That’s our strength.

You’re playing the Bonded Warehouse as an album launch

We wanted to do a Sunderland gig as the album release. Hometown gigs are always very strange, when you first start out that’s all you have, but once you’re established, they become huge parties and social events.  I’m really excited to show people what we’ve done.

‘Power’ is released on 30th August.  The Futureheads play Sunderland’s Bonded Warehouse on 3rd September and perform instore at HMV Newcastle on the 5th.