Aeyther – Into the forest (unplugged)

Pop music used to be smarter than rock music.  Accessible, challenging and interesting, pop’s main benefit was its limited barriers to entry, closely followed by it’s ability to disguise serious messages in bubble gum structures.  Yet as pop grows into middle age, it seems to seldom challenge anymore, choosing market research, fashionable sounds and focus groups over content.  Thirty seconds into ‘Forest’ however and Aeyther kick pop’s banality and one-dimensional arrangements to the floor.  Spirited, complex and accessible, ‘Forest’ is what a Nick Cave soundtrack would sound like if it was fronted by Bjork and PJ Harvey.  Multi instrumental, Aeyther create a sound which combines experimental pop, northern folk and celtic instruments, producing a distinct and original atmosphere.  Risky and adventurous, Forest is magnificent in it’s sound, it’s vision and it’s daring to be different.  Led by Kate-Bush sounding Freya Bryson, Aeyther push pop to it’s operatic and expansive limits with moments of deep contemplation, light piano and sensitive strings. This is a record of discovery.