Night Flight. 1.9.2021

As with most active bands, Covid-19 turned the promotional lives of London based Night Flight upside down; striking just after one new release and ‘ending’ just before a different release.  Taking to tour in support of 2020’s Eps ‘White Noise’ and ‘It doesn’t feel like Christmas’, as well as 2021’s ‘Songs from Echo Zoo’ EP, as we find out they’ve got a lot of recorded work they want to play to a live audience.  Damian Robinson caught up with member Sam Holmes to find out more ahead of their gig at the Head of Steam.

Hi Sam, you’ve clearly been busy in locked down and recent EP “Songs from echo zoo” sounds amazing.  How’s it been going?

Yeah I mean it’s a bad state for everyone but in terms of the band, and in terms of creativity, we’ve put out White Noise and It doesn’t feel like Christmas, which were both slightly different sounding records for us, and then we did some work on Songs from Echo Zoo so we’ve been quiet productive where we’ve had the chance.

So the upcoming tour, is this a tour in support of recent single Say Yes, your recent ep songs from echo zoo,  or is it a delayed tour from last year’s white noise ep?

It’s a tour for the group of those really.  The last 18 months have been topsy turvy for all of us and it’s a huge relief just to get out of play.  Say Yes, which we’re really proud of, is a great excuse for us to get out and play but really we’ll take the tour to do pieces from a multiple range including Echo Zoo.

Echo Zoo sounded quiet different from earlier Night Flight work, was that intentional?

Yeah, it’s the next iteration of sound for us really.  We see songs from Echo Zoo as a complete and full body of work.

Will it become more than an EP?

Yeah, I think so’ we’re working on things at the minute and eventually that’ll become a new album and I think it’ll be a continuation of Echo Zoo.

But before that it’s the tour and the chance to finally get to play some of these tracks live?

Yeah, we usually play Newcastle at the start of a tour but this time it’s the last night, so by this time I’m hoping we’ll be really on fire and raring to go and great to see live.  Newcastle will be a great show to end on, and it’ll be great for us to get out, play live, and give some of these songs the chance to be heard live.  I’m really looking forward to it.

Night Flight will headline Head of Steam in Newcastle on October 14th