Trunky Juno. 1.2.23

Following impressive releases, Durham-based indie maverick Trunky Juno has announced his new EP ‘Death Metal Music’ will be released 3rd March 2023 via Silent Kid Records. In addition, Trunky Juno has also shared the EP’s second single, the energetic “Boys Like Me”, and announced local show dates.  Damian Robinson caught up with Trunky to find out more.

The new single Boys Like Me is a belter, how was writing the EP for you?

Really good thanks, I did some production work with Eduardo De La Paz who has worked on some of the earlier releases, so that’s enjoyable.  Eduardo is great with the sort of post-production side.  With Boys Like Me in particular I wanted a really banging track, which kind of pushes Trunky into new places, so that felt really good.

Was there any particular references for this EP?

I suppose the idea was to see how far we could take Trunky in a certain direction, so I took inspiration from the likes of the Flaming Lips and tried to not compromise anything about the tack or the release date or anything like this.  This is Trunky’s 3rd release so it was an important one and in a way it feels like Trunky is a teenager now so there needed to be youthfulness.

Nice, so we can expect Trunky to get older and change sound?

No, I have the feeling Trunky will always be a teenager.

Your first two releases got credit from a number of places in the press, did that influence the sound of this EP?

Not really no, it’s nice for people to say nice things but there was a sound this EP was going for and I don’t think it would have mattered what others were saying.  This was all about not compromising.

There’ll be some live shows to support the release?

Yes there will, I’m doing a solo show at the Old Launderette on the 2nd March and then a full band event at Bobiks the night after.  That’ll be a good way to help me have to really learn the songs for the solo gig and then really play them differently the night after.  There’s a show in Sunderland a couple of weeks after that so hopefully after the three shows they’ll have all been really good events.

And do you have any other plans for the year?

There’s loads being arranged yes, but there’s work to be done with them before any annoucements can be made.  Death Metal Music will be the first of hopefully a really good year.  It’s exciting.

Trunky Juno‘s new EP ‘Death Metal Music’ will be released 3rd March 2023 via Silent Kid Records. New single “Boys Like Me” is out now.


2nd March – The Old Laundrette, Durham (Solo Set)

3rd March – Bobiks, Newcastle