Set Your Sights- Can you feel it too?

Understanding if someone feels attracted to you has never been easy has it?

Especially for those of us not lucky enough to look like we should be front and centre of a successful boyband or girl group.

Middleborough 4 piece Set your sights return to the question asked 35 years ago by the Jacksons, and the toughest question someone in lust can ask, ‘do you like me?’.  It’s tough because sometimes it’s better not to know the answer.

Whatever the answer happens to be for our lead character (and it would be nice to find out in the future), if ever I was asked if I liked someone, I’d like to be asked in the way presented by sys.

As a general rule, a track lasting five minutes is always a pretty ballsy move for a pop punk band.  Even more so when the track veers more towards pop than punk.  Yet the sys deliver a stomping tune blending  Buzzcocks esque wise love-pain lyrics, Stranglers kicking guitars and a St Etienne, 3 part harmony, soaring chorus.

If every episode of teenage love angst produced uplifting pop like this we would never need anyone to be attracted to us ever again.