Max Bianco and The Bluehearts. Harlot Moon.

For those who’ve been aware of him, and like the moment Dylan went electric, there’s a distinct change in sound from local favourite Max Bianco on his debut.  Potentially the result of working within a new collective, Harlot sees Bianco nudging his solo/acoustic folk sound slightly to one side in favour of a band-centred, pop, style more focused on collective themes rather than politics.  Harlot Moon and Kiss me showcase an artist comfortable with the electric/funkier side of folk (perhaps in the style of mid/late Lindisfarne or the Band) whilst the most traditional folk sound of ‘Superflous’ shows us that Bianco can still create meaningful, sparse, political songs when inclined.   Standout, and bluesy/Stonesy ‘Crying all the time’ demonstrates that whatever his style, Bianco knows what he’s doing.