Scrannabis – Butterflies

Taken from ‘Invincible’, his final ‘true’ album, ‘Butterflies’ represented the very best of Jacko’s final artistic statement; relaxed, bouncy, hip hop breaks with a layered, almost r n’b vocal delivery floating over the top.  Around the same time, both Crazy Town (with a smash single) and Mariah Carey (with a smash album) released content christened with the same ‘Butterfly’ name; each, like Jacko, containing dreamy pop which kicked in places with catchy beats.   Continuing this pop/Butterfly tradition, Scrannabis’s track takes dreamy hip hop breaks, layers in jazz/ chilled-out vocals (by Kate Bond) and adds on introverted bars about escaping from broken relationships.  Layered with well-defined production and an overall sense of optimism, Scrannabis maintains the Jacko/Carey/Town ideals of both the metaphor of, and the sound of, a Butterfly.  Cracking.