January 2023

XTC – Living through another Cuba

This little weapon turns up on a random shuffle one morning – i know nothing about XTC but i need to. This is so good

The Clash – White man in Hammersmith Palais

I find myself singing along at full voice on several moments in early January. On stage they ain’t got no roots rock rebel.

U2 – In the name of Love

Not usually a fan of bands returning to old songs – sometimes it feels a bit cheap, others a bit like a recognition that there are no new creative ideas. I really enjoy this though – it’s stripped back but also not presented as a ‘token’ unplugged moment; there’s new ideas within the new version.

Silicon Chip – Basil Kirchin

The end of Megan pulls up this absolute weapon – i can’t believe i’ve never bumped into it in any Bowie/Kraftwerk/New Wave references – so so good.

Kula Shaker- Hey Dude

A live look-out at the Wylam Brewery starts with this – i’m front row mesmerised by Mill’s scuzz and funk combination. He may not quiet make the Marr and Butler high-mark, but he’s not far away.

1975 – I’m in the Love with you

Any excuse to put this band onto the list… their live version of this at the Arena is even more joyous than it sounds on record – particularly with the ‘I I I I’ refrain from the crowd. so so good.

At home he’s a tourist – gang of four

Have it!!!

The Cleftone – Can’t we be sweethearts

I get lost in this when watching a re-run of Goodfellas for the 100th or so time. As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a gangster..

Mad dogs and Englishmen – Noel Coward

I loved the SAS documentary – particularly the general elements surrouding this scence.