Jan 2022

Kulashaker – Hey dude

I tried to give some real thought about what I should be listening to as the New Year kicked in – interesting that this one got the nod.

Wilco- Handhake drugs

What a life, I was looking for you

Fastlove MTV – George Michael

I tend to default to either Star People or Everything she wants when digging out George’s MTV performance – George looking healthy, happy and singing like the soul monster he was. George’s was the best of all of the MTV unplugged’s. Yes, that’s right.

Goldie – Digital

The older I get the more i fall in love with Saturnz Return. I’ve probably said it 10 times or so in here but I’ll say it again – Goldie’s ‘Mother’ is the best piece of musical art of all time; it’s contradictions between helpless and helpful, hopeful and hopeless, street and spirit, anger and pacifist, optimist and damaged – are extraordinary. When he cries about it on the interview from 2018(ish) it cements the accomplishment. But it’s not about Mother this time- i can’t have it again – so let’s hear Digital and even though I must have heard it over 1000 times, the moment when the bass drops is still exciting as fuck.

At the Drive-In – Enfilade

When I saw them play this live in Newcastle this included the greatest performance of the show – their rhytmn guitarist Keely Davis nailing both the insane playing style and backing vocals of the song. Made you want to pack it all up, go live in a van and play punk.

Janes Addiction – End to the lies

You talk about me so much that I think that you’re in love with me

Sheff G – Weight on Me

You was a dick and get nothing from me

Say you gonna do this, you gonna do that, ain’t never see you do a thing

John Mayer – Last train home

Proper 80’s FM belter this one. Thanks Mick.

Babylon Zoo – Spaceman

Alright, it’s not the ‘proper’ version, it’s the short version that appeared on the advert – the one that got all the kids to rush out to get the cd the day it was released, only to freak out when they heard the ‘rock!?. Personally i loved a lot about the record – i loved the ‘fuck off’ attitude of the double blag it had, i loved the fact that loads of kids couldn’t get their heads around the ‘new’ sound , i loved the geezer being on tv and talking about trans rights and 4 dimension records- and i loved the robot-dj that jumped up on top of the pops and made people go mental when he ‘speeded up’ the rock into the dance they were used to from the advert. Ah yes, the advert. I loved the advert the most – Culture defining, wickedly exciting and with a wicked soundtrack that stopped the British Isles in their tracks. Weren’t Levi ad’s just the absolute shit in the 90s!?

Pete Seeger- Where have all the flowers gone?

A trip to see Holly and the Reivers has me digging out some Pete Seeger; this one, for whatever reason, and mostly because of his age and the tenderness in his singing, has me floored. When did I get so soft and selfish.

Prodigy – their law

Rage against the machine – People of the Sun

For whatever reason (overly tired, not enough sleep, too many priorities, work volumes, general annoyance at myself, feeling time is running away from me, supporting a football team who constantly underachieve, etc) I end up having to default to a couple of teenage/tweenage/twenty-thirty-something go-to tracks to kick my arse at regular points in the month. I seem to need them to get out of bed, to push myself, to not be lazy, and to actually stop dicking about. You can’t beat the law.

Erasure – oh l’amour

This and Sometimes are on repeat regularly – i’ve mentionned Sometimes (sometime) recently- so i’ll put this in this time. Pop genius.

Scissor Sisters- Comfortably numb

Okay so they branched into something I wasn’t overly keen on, but the first album was exceptional. A minamlist cover of this by a local songwriter has me reflecting on the Floyd’s original narratives – the words I have become comfortably numb landing heavy personal blows.

Night Shop – let me let it go

My favourite album of the month, maybe even of the last 6 months. When you think it has all gone- that is when it has begun.

East 17 – Deep

Always an E17 over Take That kind of lad. Wonder what the Gallaghers made of these in the mid 90s…

Nirvana – Something in the Way

I’ve watched the new Batman trailer so many times that this song ends up on repeat so often towards the end of the month.

Steve Mason – fight them back

I winge on to my mate about current frustrations – he sends this back – excellent.