Geordie Guide to Happiness

If there’s one thing that visitors to the North East tend to comment on more than perhaps anything else, it’s the warmth and kindness that exists in the region.  Potentially relating to the reasons why so many call centres are based out of the North East, or why we persist with underperforming football clubs, the people of the North East tend to be particularly good at finding humour even in the darkest of moments.

With that thought in mind it was perhaps inevitable that someone in the region would want to take a deeper investigation into the topic of happiness and humour; what exactly is happiness, and where does it come from?  Furthermore, what beliefs do we have as a region that perhaps others could learn from?

The ‘Geordie Guide to Happiness’, a new podcast hosted and created by Alex Henry looks into this very topic, examining not just happiness as a concept but also how we define it in the region;  as Alex says “We’ll be talking to people who have been born and bred in Newcastle as well as some who have made this city their home, and trying to uncover some of the things that we can all do to get more joy in our lives.”

While we all learn to cope, reflect, and find the humour in such strange times, this may be the perfect podcast for us to listen to.  Keep smiling.

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