Uncle Creepy. Knee deep in evil.

New to the scene, recording artists only, Uncle Creepy, have big ambitions for 2019; mostly somewhat hinging on the success of this album and a decision to play live or not.  Regardless of the future, ‘Knee deep’ is an attempt to create interesting, fresh, heavy rock instrumentals using live bass/guitar playing and looped drum samples.  And mostly it’s a technique which works.  Starter ‘Twice as Nice’ sets the context well with a groove based bass pattern which becomes impactful when placed within heavy drum samples and light effects.  Using a range of bass playing/sounds across the album, Knee Deep benefits from its diversity and likeness to a range of artists including Metallica , Cyprus Hill (‘Back of the neck’) and the more instrumental moments of The Prodigy (‘Throat Punch’).  Taken as individual tracks these are interesting experiments, though whether there’s enough difference over the 50 minute album may be the real question.  An album made up of great tracks rather than a great album.