Red Rum Club. 8.7.21

Coming in for a Northeast double-hitter at the end of September, Liverpool’s Red Rum Club return to the live scene with a past album to tour, a new album to promote, and a tour itinerary putting most other bands to shame.  Damian Robinson caught up with Rummer front man Fran Doran to find out more.

Loving the new single Nightcalling Fran, great track

Thanks, yeah, we’re really proud of it, it’s getting some good reaction which is also really pleasing

Is it a good indication of the sound of the new album?

Sort of, but with the new album we wanted to create some real diversity in the sound so there’s singles like Nightcalling which are really full on and then there’s some different angles for some of the album as well, some which are a little more laid back and singer songwritey.

So the gigs in Stockton and Newcastle, will they be part of a pre album launch tour?

In a way they are, it’s a funny tour because we had an album out that we never really got to tour properly, and now we have a new album coming out in October so this is going to be a real mix of two albums.  We’ll play some of the new singles on this tour, and a lot from our previous recordings, then we’ll finish this tour and then come back out in December time to properly tour what will be the new album. 

Wow, tour, then new album release, then tour; that sounds busy

Yeah, but we’re really looking forward to getting out and playing and the fact that we didn’t really get to play the last album on tour means we’re really excited to play not only the new stuff but also stuff from that album.  We’re really excited to get out and tour.

You’re doing two North East venues in quick succession, Stockton then Newcastle, do you find any differences with Northeast crowds compared to other regions?

Yeah, we love the Northeast.  It tends to be the further north you go, the rowdier the crowds, and I think that on a previous time in Newcastle we had a mad stage invasion and we’ve also played Stockton Calling before and that was mad so, yeah, it’s great to play up North.  We find that the Northeast scene is really close to the Liverpool scene and when we chat to people after the gig it’s often the same topics, like music and things, so it’s all good and there’s a real understanding.

The new album by Red Rum Club will be released in October.  They play Stockton’s Gathering Sounds Festival on the 25th September and the Newcastle Riverside on 28th September.