Billy Nomates. 18.11.22

Kicking off with the ferocious synth-indie-rock ‘Balance is gone’, it’s clear from the first moments of CATI that Nomates (Bristol-based songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Tor Maries) shows little apprehension in deciding how to follow her critically acclaimed debut.

Spanning a number of genres and textures (Balance filled with the anger of recent Sleater-Kinney) Maries uses the synth-driven ambiance of Goldfrapp and DeConstruction era Kyle (Black Curtains in the Bag, CACTI), the 80’s pop-punk production of Joan Jett (the excellent Spite) and the unique indie-pop-rock-synth sound of her debut (standout Vertigo) to produce a classic of an album that is a diverse as it is potent. 

Weaving through narratives about mental health, equality, unfulfilled relationships, and political misgivings, Marie’s lyrical focus is as sharp as her musical prowess.  Another superb record.