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Authenticity and diversity in music is not where it needs to be

Highly personal, and thought-provoking, songwriter Julie Grant has always been guided by a desire to create music with important messages in the hope of bringing contemporary issues into every conversations, “By writing about myself, my gender, my mental health and my age I want to help society disarm extreme ideas and deep-rooted beliefs which I believe still exists”.

Though having been a professional musician for over 30 years, Julie’s debut album ‘It’s me but it’s us’ has only recently been released, “I thought now was the time to move away from solely performing live shows and record some of my music for a wider audience.  In some ways I’ve been inspired by the me-too movement, and also by bands like Idles, that now is the time to speak my truth about who I am, and why, even though I’m a middle-aged woman, my voice is equally as important as anyone else’s.  Though I’m not saying I deserve to be heard more than any other person, I rarely hear anything in the press with a perspective of life coming from someone of my age and my background.  Diversity in the music press towards people of my demographic is rare and is poorly represented’.

Part folk, part acoustic, and part rollicking pop, ‘It’s me’ is a great journey across a number of musical genres whilst simultaneously locking itself into a continuous narrative of personal reflection and introspection.  ‘Over and out’, ‘Drive over sometime’ and ‘Orange brain’, in particular, aim to reflect, and speak for, parts of the population often unspoken for, the over 40, single, often-criticised, females.

“I grew up in the punk era, and although my work doesn’t sound like a punk record, I’ve always believed that by being authentic you can inspire others and play a small part in challenging the cultural conversations.  I’d like more people, particularly people who are close to me in age and gender, to do the same.  It’s the only way we can change and begin to accept”.

For additional information, contact: Julie Grant at scheles@sky.com

You can hear Julie’s music here https://www.reverbnation.com/juliegrant1