Primitive Lounge – Lounging Around

If a great album is defined as being a collection of songs with a consistent idea flowing through them, then I’m at a loss what to call a great collection of singles.  A playlist? Case in point, almost every song on Lounging Around is a stunning piece of electronica; well-produced, artistic and original.  Yet the full piece feels less like an album and more like two mini albums joined together.   

Part down-tempo, dark, trip-hop and part soulful acid-jazz, there’s no doubt that Lounging Around is a collection of tracks for both if you feel like listening to some chilled out ambience (Sunset, The Subway) or if you want part two of Gil Scott Heron’s I’m new here (The Mountain Top).    If we take the dictionary definition of an album and throw it out the window, then what we’re left with is a collection of great songs.  That’s got to be enough.