Aqua Velvas – Teeside Boys

Inspired musical journalist Dorian Lynskey once commented that perhaps the principle goal is life isn’t fame or fortune, but rather an appreciation of how many opportunities and experiences you’ve been able to open for yourself and those around you.  When we look back, are we confident that we’ve done everything we can to create an interesting life, to explore, to dream, and to live a full life?

Not everybody wants to seize the chance of course, but it certainly feels like the Velvas do.  35 years into a career with as many pop highs as emotive and collective lows, the Aqua’s have always looked for opportunities and fully deserve credit for carrying on and continually moving forward; bullish in their belief in the power of music and it’s positive force.

Yet alongside forward movement, age also gives us the the right to sometimes stop, look around, and contemplate our history and the history of those who’ve been a part of our lives.

Set within a rocking pop track, The Teeside Boys offers a moment for the band to consider their past, present and future.  What opportunities have they had, and what have they missed?

A soulful tune, driven by a fine sax solo, the highlight of the track comes when, seemingly, the full band join in with the final chorus; bizarrely creating the same feeling as the end of Johnny cash’s version of ‘we’ll meet again’.  Evoking in the way that it captures a spontaneous sing along between friends, happy to look back at the end of a long journey, remember those they miss, and then carry on.  For capturing these emotions and creating communities, music has few competitors.