Able raise the cain. Shock.

Starting off with a keyboard tinkling reminiscent of the introduction to Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes, the first shock of, er, Shock is it’s kick into action at the 15 second mark as it flies towards a firing, heavily produced, 80s rock/ fm radio track.  Supported by well-constructed multi tracked vocal lines, and an ‘other-worldy’ synth sound, the beauty of Shock is it’s ability to blend 80s accessible rock (think Europe ‘The final countdown’) with  driven, impassioned, garage rock (think early the Cribs).  Yet for all of the synths and production, what kicks hardest across this short (two minute 51 seconds) track is its ability to raise from nothing into a pounding, emotive, rocker before falling away back to nothing.  Perfectly constructed, removed of any unnecessary parts, this is a straight to the point, interesting, piece of pop that works brilliantly.