Katy Fuller. 14.1.22

Looking to weave a new fable for the region, North of the Tyne, Under the Stars, a new free event, aims to bring magic to audiences in Newcastle, North Shields, Wallsend, Hexham, Blyth, Byker and Fenham by captivating audiences with a love letter to the region.  Damian Robinson caught up with Director Katy Fuller to find out more.

Katy, this is such a lovely concept, could you tell us about the event?

Thank you, what we wanted to do was look at the whole region, and showcase the things that people would describe as beautiful, and the things that connect us all together.

And that plays out as local, fairy tale, events?

That’s right yes, we’re going to create a mythical event – the type of event that will hopefully fire up the imagination.  There’s almost two parts to the event, the first part is where we’ll run local, neighbourhood events; these will be local fire installations and projection work which will transform a local area and give people the chance to see somewhere they know in a brand-new setting.

Brilliant – so there’s a number of areas hosting the same event?

They are, these neighbour events will be the same in each location and based on the tale of a mysterious and magical visitor, a Story-Weaver, who is called down from the stars to travel the region, seeking the connections, fables, facts and characters of the North of Tyne area.  She will be visiting North Shields, Wallsend, Hexham, Blyth, Byker and Fenham.  These events will welcome visitors of all ages, including young children, to engage in the experience and the event will be rolling, meaning you don’t need to be there at the very start, or stay to the very end, you can come along when it’s convenient.

And then after these events there’s Chapter two, which is the culmination event in Newcastle City Centre?   

Yes, in March, we’ll have the second chapter of the Story Weaver where she will take all she has found to Newcastle City Centre and invite us to witness the magic she has created.  This will be played out across the streets and buildings.   

That sounds amazing

We hope so.  The Newcastle event will be a large scale event, which will bring people together and let them see some of the real magic to see the city – it’ll be supported by light shows, and projector work, and some amazing pieces by amazing artists.  We’re hoping it really helps bring alive the magic of the region and showcase some amazing creative ideas. 

Events Listings  

North of the Tyne, Under the Stars – Neighbourhood Events  

  • ills, Byker  
  • Abbey Grounds, Hexham & Nuns Moor Park, Fenham 


North of the Tyne, Under the Stars – Festival  


All these events are free to attend and no booking is required. Visitors can follow the story and find out more information here – undernorthtynestars.co.uk or follow @NTUnderStars on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.